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Kirkersville Division of Police
Robert E. Chamberlain II, Chief of Police
135 North Fourth Street  -  P.O. Box 267
Kirkersville, Ohio 43033
Telephone (740) 927-7766
Fax (740) 927-6094
To contact an officer, or to leave a message, call (740) 927-7766
To have an officer dispatched to your location (non-emergency), call the Office of Licking County Sheriff at (740) 349-6400
If you notice something strange or out of place, try to describe the person(s) (height, weight, clothing, hair color, etc.), vehicle(s) (make, model, color, license number, direction of travel, etc.), and the actions of the person(s).  Try to be as accurate as possible, but DO NOT place yourself in any danger.
Become involved in the community, meet your neighbors, help with community activities and be aware of your surroundings.  Together we can win the fight against crime.

Village of Kirkersville - Established 1832
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